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Asset Management

with OPAL

Our integral Asset Management approach

  1. Everything from a single source
    We are a total solution provider and deliver integration and support services, software and methodical advice. Our well-founded data analysis know-how is used in particular in the development and calibration of status and fault functions.

  2. Complete asset inventory
    Asset management for complete portfolios: point and line objects can be taken into account with a definable resolution and analyzed and evaluated together. Even cross-divisional project evaluations are possible.

  3. Strategic and Operational Asset Management (SAM / OAM)
    All evaluations and calculations are carried out on the individual assets - in the OAM as well as in the SAM. This guarantees a maximum consistent, seamless asset management.

  4. Asset Management for everyone
    Regardless of portfolio type, company size and specific requirements: We offer high-quality asset management for your infrastructure as needed at fair prices.


Asset Management Software OPAL

  1. Automatable data connection
    With our integrated ETL Solution ADAMS the data import from your leading systems (ERP, GIS, maintenance tool, etc.) can be automated. Quality checks and consistency checks included.

  2. Large range of functionalities
    In addition to the classic functionalities of asset evaluation and asset simulation (with asset-specific action plan), we also offer unique analyzes and evaluations such as life cycle optimization, identification of optimal technologies and maintenance intensities as well as cross-divisional project evaluation.

  3. 360 degree view: financial, technical and strategic aspects
    All relevant technical, financial (cash flow and accounting) and strategic aspects can be defined and evaluated.

  4. Combination of different valuation models
    Valuation models of varying complexity can be defined for the assets. From a simple age based replacement with minimal data availability requirements, over a state-based or state-importance approach, to our unique risk-optimized Value Driven Asset Management (VDAM) methodology - everything is possible and can be combined with each other.

Value Driven Asset Management VDAM

  1. Based on life cycle modelling
    At the heart of the VDAM approach are the costs and risks incurred over the life cycle of an asset. These can be flexibly defined in our asset management software OPAL and thus the assets can be made fit for an assessment according to VDAM.

  2. Basic idea: Sustainable effectiveness of measures
    Investments in an asset portfolio are measures that cause costs and change the further cost and risk structure of the assets concerned. With the VDAM approach, optimal useful lives and remaining lifetimes as well as types of measures (renewal, renovation, repair, etc.) can be calculated and identified for individual assets as well as for projects.

  3. optimization potential
    With the VDAM approach, investments are sustainably optimized. Compared to conventional approaches, 10% - 30% of the investments can be saved while keeping the same security of supply level. The optimality of the VDAM life cycle optimization has been mathematically proven.


Areas of application

Our Asset Management solution (software, models and methodology) can be used universally and is not restricted to specific portfolios or infrastructures. However, the current area of application is largely with supply and disposal companies in various sectors, for which we also have industry knowledge and standard parameterization (in particular asset and cost structures as well as standard values for useful lives and disruption functions):

  • Electricity supply : Networks and plants

  • Water supply and disposal, flood protection : pipelines, canals, systems

  • Gas and heat supply : pipelines / networks, installations

Other areas of application:

  • streets

  • rails

  • property


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