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fully integrated

KPI Management

with MEMO

Fully integrated KPI Management

Take advantage of the advantages that result from using our key figure solution MEMO:

  1. 360 degree view
    All key figures in one system - this not only enables complete transparency in the number dialog, but also the identification of relationships and the definition of new, system-wide key figures.

  2. Quality improvement
    Imported and transformed key figures can be checked for structure and content. Incorrect data records can thus be identified and corrected in the leading systems. The full automation also reduces errors produced by manual work to a minimum.

  3. Increased flexibility
    The key figures are not linked to individual reports. New key figures are automatically available to all reports after they have been imported. The visibility of a key figure can be specifically defined within the organizational structure and, if required, also in a report.

  4. Save time and resources
    The adjustment of existing and creation of new key figures can be carried out by a specialist - in particular, no DWH/BI specialists are required to make key figures available in reports. This way, time, resources and costs can be saved and change requests can be implemented in next to no time.


KPI Management software MEMO

  1. Automatable data connection
    With our integrated ETL system ADAMS , the data import from your leading systems (ERP, telephony, customer surveys, databases, Excels, etc.) can be automated. Quality checks and consistency checks included .

  2. Target-actual comparison
    Import and/or define targets for metrics at different organizational levels. This enables you to make a target/actual comparison and to better classify and evaluate the key figure values.

  3. Web solution
    User access the reports by a web solution, which we bring into your IT infrastructure with the appropriate authorization mechanisms as required. This also ensures that users only see key figures from organizational units they are authorized for.

  4. Standard and customized reports
    Every customer is different - we are therefore happy to supplement our standard set of reports with customer-specific reports that fully take your individual needs into account.


Areas of application

Our key figure solution has been developed for use in medium-sized and large companies to carry out a number dialogue at organizational and employee level. It makes sense to use it wherever key figures on people, systems or other "assets" are to be collected and merged from different systems:

  • banks and insurance companies

  • Administrations, offices, schools and universities

  • Pharma and Healthcare

  • Public transport and logistics

  • Manufacturing companies and service providers


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