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Data processing with our

ETL Solution


Prepare data for further use

On the one hand, our ETL system ADAMS is integrated into our special solutions for Asset Management and KPI Management. On the other hand, it can also be used as a stand-alone solution.


ETL Solution ADAMS

  1. Use data from different sources
    Bring together data sets from different sources (e.g. SQL databases, CSV files or Excel files) so that they can be used for the following steps.

  2. Transform and enrich data
    Transform your data and enrich it, for example, by intersecting it with other tables. Get transparency about the fully automatable transformation process and save the data in internal tables or export them as a CSV file, for example.

  3.  Quality check
    Structural and content-related quality checks can be defined and carried out on the imported and transformed data. Errors and warnings can be aggregated and, if necessary, also tracked for specific data sets. This allows the data records in your primary systems to be corrected and supplemented.


Areas of application

Our ETL Solutioncan be used wherever information from different systems needs to be collected, transformed and/or checked for further use.

We are also happy to develop individual processes and analysis functions that are tailored to your specific digitization and automation needs.

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